Spanish – Homework

Spanish – Homework

4th: no hay tarea

5th: no hay tarea

6th: Argentina weather posters due Monday the 29th

7th: finish p61 using tener to talk about age

8th: 2-sided e:ie fill-in-the-blank worksheet

4th: Practice your signs and letter names A-M

5th: complete p15 if not completed in class

6th: 3 haz actividades diferentes en Quizlet para “6th grade essential vocabulary”. Hay prueba (quiz) el lunes en el vocabulario.

7th: corta el flipbook y haz páginas 1&2 del flipbook para jueves

8th: no hay tarea (todo sobre mi es para lunes el 10)

No hay tarea para el fin de semana. Feliz día del trabajo. (Happy Labor Day!)

4th: no hay tarea (no homework)

5th: no hay tarea (no homework)

6th: no hay tarea (no homework)

7th: no hay tarea (no homework)

8th: no hay tarea (no homework

6th: create a Quizlet account and join St. John’s 6th grade Spanish class AND complete the Quizlet form

7th & 8th: complete the vocabulary review worksheet

Welcome back!

3rd grade: write your name on your llama and color it (due Monday)

4th-5th grade: write your name on your llama, color and cut it (due Tuesday)

6th-8th grade: read procedures packet and sign form; bring your labeled binder with paper for class on Monday

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