6th Grade Mrs. Clary

Our Class at a Glance (Mrs. Clary)

Hi! My name is Sabrina Clary and I am the 6th grade homeroom teacher. I also teach 6th – 8th math. I am so excited! I love math.

I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor in Education. I also have a master’s degree from Concordia University.

I have been a parishioner of St. John’s for many years.

Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns at sclary@mystjohns.org

Homework for 6th grade’s other classes

6th-8th Grade Social Studies is taught by Mrs. Kruse.

The 6th-grade text, Journey Across Time, is a comprehensive study of world history, organized chronologically from the first humans and ancient civilizations to the present. To ensure that students understand the influence of geography on historical events, important geography skills embedded in every lesson. The students will learn how interrelationships between people, places, cultures, and events over time have shaped our world today.

We will also complete a 3-D project in January. More info to come!

This course will offer the students the opportunity to fine tune their math skills, while preparing them for Pre-Algebra in 7th grade and Algebra in 8th grade.

6th Grade Math Topics

  • Computation with decimals and fractions
  • Order of operations
  • Introduction to Pre-Algebra skills
  • Measurements

Science Curriculum Philosophy
The goal of science education is to create life-long learners and scientifically literate citizens. Students at all levels should be challenged and encouraged to pursue science and technology. The processes of science should develop the natural curiosity in students by actively engaging them in investigation using the techniques and technologies to foster the students’ scientific attitudes.
Science has a basic core of fundamental concepts, skills, and content, which provides the framework for the students’ understanding of natural phenomena. The content of science should develop an understanding and appreciation of the students’ environment and promote the exploration and excitement of scientific research. Science is a human endeavor, which develops critical thinking and decision-making skills to benefit individuals and their community.
The 6th grade curriculum focuses on Astronomy, Earth’s Structure, and Ecology.

Course Description

The 6th Grade Religion course delves primarily into the Old Testament. Our goal is to provide our students with a better understanding of where our Catholic faith and traditions come from and how to carry out those values and traditions in today’s world We expect our students to develop a service to others attitude and a genuine respect for all people.
We will be using our Be My Disciple book into addition to Encounters (used by the Religious Education program).

The 6th grade reading program focuses on developing the students’ abilities to analyze stories, create visualizations, write concise summaries, learn about the uses of different literary elements and make sound connections and predictions. We also try to build a love of reading through an extensive independent reading program.

The 6th grade Language Arts curriculum is designed to develop the students’ grasp of proper grammar and to develop their writing skills, especially in narrative writing. We will also be working on developing the students’ vocabulary by teaching them Latin and Greek roots, and utilizing a three-pronged approach to learning the terms through direct instruction, daily review activities and weekly testing.

This course will cover high school level Algebra, including the following areas:

* Solving equations

* Graphing equations

* Writing equations

* Systems of equations

* Inequalities

* Relations and Functions

* Exponents and Monomials

* Quadratic Equations

This course will offer the students the opportunity to fine tune their math skills, while preparing them for Pre-Algebra in 7th grade and Algebra in 8th grade.

6th Grade Math Topics
* computation with decimals and fractions
* order of operations
* introduction to Pre-Algebra skills
* measurements

7th grade Language Arts encompasses grammar, writing, vocabulary, and spelling. The Writer’s Choice English series stresses grammar and writing skills, and is used as the text for grammar and writing. Note that students are expected to use grade-appropriate grammar and writing skills throughout their daily work, and will be assessed accordingly in each subject. Using a structured writing program and the Annex Laptops, the students will be engaged in various forms of formal and informal writing, with a focus on persuasive writing. Occasional monthly writing projects will be assigned. Wordly Wise is an effective Middle School vocabulary enrichment program that utilizes a three-prong strategy of solid vocabulary and spelling instruction, daily practice, and weekly assessments. This new curriculum replaces the Vocabulary Workshop workbook.

This course will strengthen Pre-Algebra I skills with an introduction to Algebra at a pace consistent with the students’ abilities. We will cover the following areas of study to prepare the students to be successful in Algebra.

The main areas of focus will be on:

*Integers and Absolute Value

*Order of Operations

*Evaluating Algebraic Expressions

*Simplifying Algebraic Expressions

*Rational Numbers

*Introduction to Geometry

Class Information

Catholic Issues / Teachings

Catholic Issues / Teachings

Catholic Teaching

Catholic Issues / Teachings

Catholic Teaching