4th Grade Mr. Binder

Our Class at a Glance (Mr. Binder)

Any questions, please e-mail Mr. Binder at rbinder@mystjohns.org

Scholastic Class Code – MDB49


Course Description

Students advance their multiplication by using 2-4 digit numbers. Students also learn how to master long division. Further knowledge of geometry and fractions is also acquired.

Students learn the 8 different parts of speech. They practice identifying them using Daily Language Review in addition to lessons. Students also learn how to proof read and make corrections using proof reading marks. Each day the correct a paragraph and rewrite it. At the end of week, students then write their own paragraph related to the subject they have written about. Students are encouraged to apply their spelling and language skills to all subject areas.

Students read a variety of stories and genres. They learn how to make connections to the stories, inferences, compare and contrast stories and know the difference between fiction and non-fiction type stories.

Students learn about different letter combinations and how they are use to create different sounds. They then practice spelling the words using both the spelling book and activites through out the year.

Students learn the importance of God in our lives and how to live the way God wants us to. They learn The 10 Commandments and how to follow each of them. Students also have the opportunity to become altar servers to help serve the church.


Class Information

Catholic Issues / Teachings

Catholic Issues / Teachings

Catholic Teaching

Catholic Issues / Teachings

Catholic Teaching