Pre-School 3 Yr Olds Mrs. Wennerstrom

Our School at a Glance (Mrs. Wennerstrom)

“A child’s brain develops more rapidly in the first 5 years of life than it ever does again, forming so many connections between the left and right side of the brain and essentially establishing its “ability” to learn new information in the future. A child left with no stimulation or enriching playful experiences is going to learn more poorly after the age of 5 than a child who has been played with, talked to, read to and stimulated on a regular basis. They need to interact with toys, materials, books, multi-sensory experiences and nature in order to develop real building blocks for learning.”  (Source: )


St. John the Evangelist preschool is a wonderful place for your child to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.  We teach the whole child through play-based learning.

9/14:  Our 1st Show and Tell is on Monday and Tuesday.   Bring something that is the shape of a circle.

8/31/2018:  We are off to a GREAT start!!!!  What a wonderful group of 3-year-olds (and families) we have this year!  It’s going to be a fun year.  Check back often for pictures and updates!

8/15/2018:  I know August brings a mix of emotions for 3-year-old preschool parents!  You are so excited for all the experiences and friendships your child will be introduced to.  However, you also have a million thoughts going through you head…What if my child cries?  What if he doesn’t like preschool?  What if she isn’t ready or has an accident?

I can promise one thing….your child will LOVE preschool!  You will LOVE preschool!  Every child develops at their own pace and we are here to foster that growth at their pace.  Every child is ready!!!!  It will be a GREAT year!

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer!  I’ll be working hard getting everything ready for a PERFECT 1st day of school! I am looking forward to meeting everyone!  Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have leading up to the start of school!

There is a sign language interpreter at the 9:00 Sunday Mass for those who are hearing impaired.

Monday:  Wear a Hat

Tuesday:  Bring a stuffed animal wearing socks

Wednesday:  Wear Polka Dots

Thursday:  Wear Silly Socks

Friday: Wear red or blue

These are the objectives for Pre-School

1. To provide a Christian atmosphere.

2. To encourage all aspects of growth: spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and physical.

3. To stimulate expereiences through discovery learning.

4. To aid in the development of a positive self-image.

5. To encourage Christian attitudes and respect of others.

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Catholic Issues / Teachings

Catholic Issues / Teachings

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Catholic Issues / Teachings

Catholic Teaching