Hanover Township Holiday FOOD DRIVE and BREAK A RULE DAY!

Let’s Show Some FALL TIGER Spirit!        Hanover Township Food Pantry

FOOD DRIVE: Thursday, Oct. 11th – Wednesday, Oct. 24th

Student Council is sponsoring a special two-week FOOD COLLECTION drive to help those less fortunate. All food items collected during this campaign will be donated to the Hanover Township Food Pantry to sponsor Holiday Meal Boxes for families in our own community. This is a voluntary collection.

The top food pantry items needed by the Hanover Township, and the suggested/assigned classes (so that we can bring in a variety of items), are as follows:

UPSTAIRS: PreK 3, PreK 4, K, and 1st Grade Pancake mix or  pancake syrup


DOWNSTAIRS: 2nd -4th Grades White Rice

Spaghetti noodles or spaghetti sauce

Instant Potatoes

ANNEX: 5th-8th Grades Peanut butter or jelly

Cooking oil

Canned tuna or chicken and canned fruits or vegetables


“BREAK A RULE FOR $1.00” DRESS DOWN DAY       Thursday, Oct. 25th

Student Council is also sponsoring our SJE all-time favorite Break a Rule for $1.00 on Thursday, October 25th. Students (and teachers) can pay $1.00 for each rule they would like to break. This is a voluntary fundraiser. If you choose not to participate, you must wear your school uniform as you normally would. All proceeds will be donated to the Hanover Township Food Pantry.  Each $16.00 donation will supply a needy family with a turkey or ham to complete their holiday meal. EXTRA DONATIONS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME!

Examples of rules we can break:

Dress down = $1.00

Wear makeup = $1.00

Wear colored nail polish = $1.00

Wear a hat = $1.00


Wear odd socks/special colored gym shoes = $1.00

Wear multiple bracelets and necklaces = $1.00

Crazy hair (no color) = $1.00

6th-8th Grade only, chew gum = $1.00 for a.m./$1.00 for p.m. (gum must be disposed of properly and cannot be chewed during gym period)


In the gospel of Luke, Jesus says: “Give, and it will be given to you.

A full measure…will be poured into your lap. For the measure you use will be the measure used for you.”

                                 ~Sponsored by the 2018-2019 Student Council


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